North Country Raft Rentals

North Country Raft Rentals


Rent the finest quality rafts and equipment for a scenic float with gentle rapids down the Sacramento River between Redding and Anderson. We will meet you in Anderson and shuttle you and your gear back to your car at the conclusion of the trip. Parking, shuttle and all necessary equipment are included with the raft rental. Rafters 18 and under must have parents consent.


All raft trips begin with a safety and navigation clinic. The clinic describes the water hazards on the river, how to avoid them, and general rafting technique. We highlight the important landmarks you need to know. Do you need extra help? Not a problem. Our professional staff will take as long as you need to get your raft crew up to speed and river ready. No children under the age of 5 are allowed.


A raft trip down the Sacramento River is one of the best activities Redding has to offer. After our check-in and safety and navigation clinic, you're ready for a day on the river. The river run from Redding to Anderson is unique. You will pass under six bridges. The first bridge is Sundial Bridge. As you proceed downstream, you'll pass the Upper Red Banks and enter Turtle Bay. Be on the lookout for Bald Eagles, Turkey Vultures and the many types of waterfowl which live here. The next bridge is Hwy. 44. To river right is Kutrus Lake where gravel was mined and used for building Shasta Dam. The next bridge is Cypress Street. The Hwy. 44 and Cypress Street bridges are new and navigation has been greatly improved. These bridges are beautiful from the water. The next bridge is South Bonnyview Road. Each summer, hundreds of Cliff Swallows use this bridge as a colonial breeding site. Just past the Bonnyview bridge is the Bonnyview boat ramp. This is a good place to stop and use the restrooms. Once past the boat ramp you're leaving Redding and rafting south to Anderson. There are many beaches where you can pull out for a picnic, pick some blackberries or explore the islands. Back on the river; the Sierra Pacific lumber mill on river right. It's easy to identify by the stacks of logs waiting to be milled. Look for the Osprey nest on the electrical tower. If you're lucky you might see an Osprey catch a fish. After passing the bridge at Interstate 5, you're in Anderson. Next you'll see North Street bridge. Immediately past the North Street bridge, paddle over to river right. Stay close to the shore until you see the Anderson River Park. Look for a live tree that's leaning out over the river with orange marking paint on the trunk. Paddle into the cove behind the tree. That's the takeout. Our shuttle will take you back to Redding. Rafting is an ideal activity for family, friends, business, social and church groups.


Join us for a 2 hour guided tour on the scenic Sacramento River thru Redding. See wildlife and waterfowl and discover this "Urban Wilderness" that is the heart of our city. 

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